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7th September 2014

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A friends depiction of me fighting zombies in the apocalypse. Just my average sunday then

A friends depiction of me fighting zombies in the apocalypse. Just my average sunday then

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18th June 2013

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A first in a series of interviews with Leicester based artists to showcase both their work and the meaning behind them. 

The first is Steven McConnell, find out more about him here

and to see more, subscribe to Bad News Generation

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24th May 2013

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Evil Dead [2013] Review - ‘The Next Chapter’ by Jim Steel



Keep repeating to yourself, it’s only a movie, it’s only a movie to avoid the immediate clash. We knew this was coming, since the slew of remakes and sequels have hit the cinema screen. From The Hills Have Eyes to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre*1. The reason we’re all failing to overcome this prospect is that even if the director is hand-picked by the original team, has had an amazing career or is pushed forward in the media as the next Hitchcock, it’ll still be a different perspective of the film that made us familiar with the term ‘Deadite’.

Stop thinking of it as the remake, remember back when they were finding funding for the original. Raimi, Campbell and Tapert had to produce something to show the financiers to get the budget required to make a horror movie. The small film they made entitled ‘Within the Woods’ would rarely be seen by fans (apart from the die-hard ones amongst us that tried to get hold of it, in some form or another) and this would form the basis for their first feature film, ‘The Evil Dead’ which reused a good fifty percent of the ideas from WIW, with some so good they even ended up in the final cut of ‘Evil Dead II’….

As the films progressed, certain ideas started to overlap, but in a way that allowed the blood splattered trilogy to become circular and stay fixed to its own specific time-line. 

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20th February 2013

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An excellent day exploring the streets of Birmingham with my engaged lady-friend. I won’t say we spent most of it at the newly founded Brewdog bar…ahem.

Although, the highlight was finding the ‘Adventure Time’ inspired egg on the Lindt Easter Egg hunt!  

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2nd January 2013

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31st August 2012

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To promote my friend Dan’s new comedy night, ‘Cocktails and Comedy’ he decided to give people a taste of one of his favourite songs.

See him live on Tuesday September 4th 2012 @ Manhattan 34 in Leicester.

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24th August 2012

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Best birthday ever! Not only am I going to be getting new pet watties today :D I have also got a limited signed ‘Tank Girl’ print and numerous presents from my recently acquired fiancee! 

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11th July 2012

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This is it, my new website, with the punchy edge and the video of me acting like a tit!

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5th July 2012

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I have decided on my new company name: Bad News Generation. 

It heralds a new all-out assault with film, photography and a new skill; editing. 

For now, enjoy this taster of what will surely be known as the beginning of the end…

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15th June 2012

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Another attempt at a production company logo, hopefully I’ve made a better go of it this time round but we’ll see. Criticism and other helpful remarks can be thrown at my face by dropping me a line on my e-mail here

What do you guys think of the new name ‘Bad News Generation’? 

For the design of the logo itself (the now red skull) credit goes to Mr Button

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